Textile art. Eclectic accessories. Eco-conscious.

Hello, I am Juanita. As an avid upcycler and full-time daydreamer I create quirky bags and purses with personality, experimenting and tinkering away on each item personally with my undivided attention. My ethos is to reduce, re-use and re-create. Everything old is new again, each product is an individual piece of heart.

“Art to accessorise the eco-conscious”

To include my interest in printmaking, I literally put my stamp onto my work by featuring our world-travelling designer Ragdoll Birman cat, Pickle, in the ‘Pickled Pockets’ collection, expanding the range to include homewares and other accessories. (Let’s Pickle everything.)

Showcasing this Spring 2016 is my new series of screen-printed birds inspired by the charismatic birds I have become familiar with in my backyard in Adelaide Hills. An ‘Amateur Backyard Bird Count’, so to speak, which stands at 5 birds and 1 chook.

As an independent maker each creation is hand made by myself — alongside several cups of tea — journeying from my home to yours.

Born and raised in Singapore I have gathered experiences from Europe, America, and now Australia, since 2004. I am on most social media sites and would enjoy having a chat with you, but most importantly, thank you for your interest!

Instagram juanitatortilla

Darren Clements Photography, Stirling Laneways Nov 2014

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