I make usable items out of unloved things for eco-conscious people.


The one-woman independent maker behind JuanitaTortilla. From start to finish, JuanitaTortilla has been created and run by a team of one. Me. Hello! Now based in Adelaide, South Australia, I make bags and accessories out of responsibly sourced material for eco-conscious people.

It’s all self-taught: from sewing and product photography to graphics and marketing. Products are hand-crafted in the small room with several cups of tea and a token cat. Working without patterns or instructions, it takes me a very long time to make an item. I also work with several cups of tea and a penchant for ignoring rules and instructions.

I enjoy the challenge of reusing and repurposing material, transforming them into one-of-a-kind items. Materials I work with are sourced from charity, antique, and pre-loved shops from all over the world. Let’s give pre-loved things a new lease of life! Find out more about the journey of a JuanitaTortilla handcrafted bag here.

Every purchase gets me excited and I love sending my lovingly handmade items all over the world.

It makes me happy that you have taken an interest in JuanitaTortilla. Say Hi at my blog or join us at Facebook for updates!

JuanitaTortilla handcrafted in Adelaide HillsJuanitaTortilla social media

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