Art to accessorise the eco-conscious

Now based in the lovely Adelaide Hills in South Australia, I enjoy crafting unique and practical objects from otherwise unloved material, sourcing responsibly from my surroundings. My ethos is to reduce, re-use and re-create. Everything old is new again, each product is an individual piece of heart.

Merging my interests in printmaking and upcycling, I also hand-print images of Pickle, our world-travelling Ragdoll-Birman cat. ‘Pickled Pockets’ is my cat-inspired collection that occasionally includes hand-sewn dresses with pockets.

As an independent maker each creation is hand made by myself — alongside several cups of tea — journeying from my home to yours.

Born and raised in Singapore I have gathered experiences from Europe, America, and now Australia, since 2004. I am on most social media sites and would enjoy having a chat with you, but most importantly, thank you for your interest!

Instagram juanitatortilla
Mailing List http://eepurl.com/2yNkb

Darren Clements Photography, Stirling Laneways Nov 2014

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