Art to accessorise the eco-conscious

I am an artist currently based in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I am passionate about reducing waste; my ethos is to create unique and practical objects from otherwise unloved material, sourcing responsibly from my surroundings. Everything old is new again, each product is an individual piece of heart.

Inspired by colours and texture, I enjoy simple and clean designs, showcasing each material’s flavourful characteristics. Born and raised in Singapore, I have gathered life’s experiences from Europe and America — and now Australia — since 2004.

Merging my interests in printmaking and upcycling, I hand-print textiles, featuring my muse, Pickle the Birman-Ragdoll cat, in a ‘Pickled Pockets’ collection that includes hand-sewn dresses with pockets.

As an independent maker I learn by doing. Each creation is hand-crafted lovingly by myself alongside several cups of tea, journeying from my home to yours.

Thank you for your interest! I can be found on most social media and would enjoy having a chat with you.

Juanita Choo
Web: http://www.juanitatortilla.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JuanitaTortilla
Instagram + Twitter: @juanitatortilla

Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr

Darren Clements Photography, Stirling Laneways 2014. http://www.darrenclementsphotography.com.au/home.html

Photo credit: Darren Clements, Stirling Laneways 2014.

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