Art to accessorise the eco-conscious

I am an artist / maker currently based in Adelaide Hills. My ethos is to create unique and practical objects from otherwise unloved material, sourcing responsibly from my surroundings.

Each piece is an individual piece of heart.

I enjoy simple and clean designs, showcasing materials’ flavourful characteristics of yesteryear and my gathered life’s experiences from Switzerland, Sweden and America with this aesthetic.

As an independent maker I learn by doing. Each creation is hand-crafted lovingly by myself alongside several cups of tea, journeying from my home to yours.

Pickled Pockets

Lovingly handmade Pickle’d Bags, purses and dresses with large pockets, because we love pockets! Pickled Pockets is a shop collection spun off from JuanitaTortilla, maintaining our ethos of creating one-of-a-kind eco-savvy bags and purses.

Thank you for your interest in JuanitaTortilla bags and accessories!

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