Weather Pattern a.k.a. Temperature Project. January 2017 — Wabisabi Geeky Woven Bag

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (3)

Late last year, Friend Sue planted this crafty seed in my head: create something according to the daily temperature, inspired by the ‘Temperature Blanket’ crochet or knitted projects that have made their presence on the interweb.

The inner geek and stash-busting crafter in me accepted the challenge. Boom! Done. We have our daily maximum recorded temperature data* for all 31 days of January 2017 presented on this wabisabi weaving.

I have decided to make this project more bite-sized and relevant to my style and work since large projects such as blankets, quilts and scarves aren’t my cup of tea…

Behold Miss January 2017. 1st Jan begins at the top.

Onward to 11 more bags!

*Based on my home location 500m above sea level.

That was January 2017. #temperatureproject2017

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (4)

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (2) TEMP TOTE Scale


Small Screen Printed Zipper Change or Card Holders

Small, but not so small zipper pouches. Little happy things that I enjoyed working on.

What may have instigated this was the request for:

something small to put a gift voucher in; or
something flat and light and/or Australian-inspired* to mail overseas; or
something handmade and unique as a Kris Kringle / Secret Santa present for this gift-giving season!

*Chicken and cats do not count :D

Bitten By The Weaving Bug: Addicted To Weaving Fabric Scraps As Wall Hanging


The transitional week from 2015 to 2016 was my “idle” time in which I could play around with other “creativities” (create + activities) while reorganising my space.

Lots of fabric scraps + rediscovering the loom = unleashing the weaving monster.

These have been SO fun to make, each one with a special friend in mind. Isn’t it interesting how seemingly ordinary fabric could be transformed — in appearance and purpose — simply by being squashed through parallel threads?

Each weaving takes a minimum of 2 days. Such a great exercise in reusing and re-purposing.


My Top 3 JuanitaTortilla Makes for 2015 – Not Just Bags

20.Dec.15 All the kisslock purses
07.Oct.15 Vintage Floral purses
Puggle Pods
1. New to the J.T. range are metal frame purses, ranging from large ones to itty-bitty ‘Puggle Pods’ (a collaborative endeavor with friend Sue). Although painstaking, I had fun stitching these frames up. We all like a bit of shiny… I also like to stray from the norm of plain purses by going over the top!

07.Oct.15 Boho flip tops
2. Medium-sized flip top fold-over handbags. Perhaps Rene (purveyor of The Sunshine Van) was the visionary when she wanted to stock only medium-sized bags in her shop for easy administration. When sold, the feedback I received was this was the perfect grab-and-go size, adding some colour to the day, and also a smallish bag for days when you’re not lugging the large Mary Poppins “mummy bag”. I use this size myself, too, because I’m all about keeping my hands free.

11.Feb.15 Fabric Postcards
3. Also new this year are postcards. I can’t remember what instigated this, but most likely having too many pretty fabric scraps lying around and trying to extend their lives on perfectly fine cornflakes boxes? Oh, I believe it was a postcard swap with Diane in Philippines that sparked things off. It’s a shame letters and postcards don’t get flown around much these days?


Top 7 Pickled Pockets Products in 2015 (all of them, basically)

12 Little Pickle Purses

  1. Pickled Pockets Purses — the original candy bead series, only 12 pieces made. Also my first initiation into hand-stitching metal purse frames.

First Pickled Pockets Tote

Pickled Pockets Tote

  1. Totes: hand-painted and screen-printed. The first tote idea instigated by Joolz! A screen-printing workshop saw a larger Pickle print being created.

Pickled Pockets Drawstring bag

  1. Pickle-stamped drawstring bags. Perfect for gift-wrapping and storage, or that ‘Under $10 gift’.

Geometric Pickle Tea Towels Repurposed Linen
TeaTowel_Stamp (5)


  1. Tea towels! Ranging from repurposed cotton fabric to luxurious linen. The linen range for those who splurge on tea towels; a gift to themselves or a cat-loving someone.

01.Jul.15 (9)

  1. Large one-of-a-kind upholstery screen-printed pouches. Only 10 made. Great use of a booklet of upholstery samples and trying out a new Pickle graphic.

22.Jul.15 Pickle Scarf


  1. Scarves, an extended version from tea towels, literally.

11.Nov.15 First Batch of Pickled Pockets Aprons

  1. Pickled Pockets Aprons — combining the love for cats and cooking!

Quirky Collaged Tea or Coffee Cup Purses

14.Nov.15 TEACUP01(1)

Next to squealing over floofy cats, drinking tea is on my list of obsession. Cups best represent that.

I figured it would be best to create quirky little things that I enjoy, reverting back to the good ole’ days of relaxed craftdom. Perhaps someone else might appreciate the work? When you enjoy what you’re doing, it comes through in the work, in my opinion.


A little pretty scrap at a time, layer by layer, stitch by stitch. Fun!