Weather Pattern a.k.a. Temperature Project. January 2017 — Wabisabi Geeky Woven Bag

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (3)

Late last year, Friend Sue planted this crafty seed in my head: create something according to the daily temperature, inspired by the ‘Temperature Blanket’ crochet or knitted projects that have made their presence on the interweb.

The inner geek and stash-busting crafter in me accepted the challenge. Boom! Done. We have our daily maximum recorded temperature data* for all 31 days of January 2017 presented on this wabisabi weaving.

I have decided to make this project more bite-sized and relevant to my style and work since large projects such as blankets, quilts and scarves aren’t my cup of tea…

Behold Miss January 2017. 1st Jan begins at the top.

Onward to 11 more bags!

*Based on my home location 500m above sea level.

That was January 2017. #temperatureproject2017

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (4)

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (2) TEMP TOTE Scale


Bitten By The Weaving Bug: Addicted To Weaving Fabric Scraps As Wall Hanging


The transitional week from 2015 to 2016 was my “idle” time in which I could play around with other “creativities” (create + activities) while reorganising my space.

Lots of fabric scraps + rediscovering the loom = unleashing the weaving monster.

These have been SO fun to make, each one with a special friend in mind. Isn’t it interesting how seemingly ordinary fabric could be transformed — in appearance and purpose — simply by being squashed through parallel threads?

Each weaving takes a minimum of 2 days. Such a great exercise in reusing and re-purposing.