Vegetable Gardening version 2, 2017

Giving this gardening thing another go, we relocated our vegetable beds and fruit trees to the other face of the house. This is a sunnier position and looks promising. One major lesson from the past year was irrigation. Having a timer to do the watering eliminated the task of remembering to keep the little roots happy. The positives thus far: A storm on Boxing Day last year broke our lemon tree at the base. We are happy to see it recovering and regenerating profusely, a few weeks later. We have our first fig. The tomatoes are clearly enjoying the new … Continue reading Vegetable Gardening version 2, 2017

A Month of Yard Work, The Hubs’ Edition, Dec 2015

The Hubs took leave this December and by leave we mean not travelling out of Adelaide! The warmer weather flicked his gardening mode on and thus far he has: – killed off all weeds (nasty, tall, invasive weeds); – installed new steps and removed old rotten sleepers; – evidently created a walking trail; – essentially re-landscaped the whole place by clearing all ground cover. Our regular visitors of the Roo kind still do drop by, sometimes leaving the nervous joey in our “charge” when mummy hops over the high fence… She does come back to retrieve it, after a while. … Continue reading A Month of Yard Work, The Hubs’ Edition, Dec 2015

Veggie Gardening. Take 2.

Take two of our veggie gardening this year, increasing to 3 beds from 2. We have the usual suspects of tomatoes, zucchini, capiscum, broccoli, eggplant, and new additions of pumpkin, silverbeet and lemon balm. Getting ambitious. The transplanted potted Comfrey is doing so well, its leaves so massive they don’t know where to flop. For more fun and convenience, we have rocket and spinach salad this year on the balcony. Sweet chilies and the usual kitchen herbs get the full sun here. Unfortunately, the cabbage moth butterfly caterpillars are leaving us bare. Continue reading Veggie Gardening. Take 2.

Garden Update: Blossom End Rot

Last weekend I started noticing young vegetable fruits rotting. Very noticeable are the tomatoes and zucchinis. From above the tomatoes look happily sun-kissed and ripening, but with one slight nudge the fruit falls off, showing its rotten bottom. A little internet search brought up the term Blossom End Rot. I decided not to let the other big but green tomatoes go to waste, so I harvested them. See how some deceptively green ones have developed lesions already. The tomato plant (of similar batch) in the pot on the balcony was perfectly fine! Something must be going on in the vegetable … Continue reading Garden Update: Blossom End Rot

Garden Update: October

When I get sewing fatigue, there is the garden to keep me distracted. The weeds, I should say, and I try to check in on them once a week. We are obviously sharing the leafy cabbages with the wildlife and insects… A handful of zucchini and eggplant seedlings have gone missing… The capsicum and carrot seedlings do not look enthused, too. On the plus side, the tomatoes plants are holding their own… Fennel bulbs and dill are enjoying themselves. There are little flower buds on the Mandarin, which I did not expect!   Continue reading Garden Update: October

[Veggie Patch] Weeds Are Here

Since installing the “fence” to deter kangaroos from grazing at the veggie patch, there are fewer footprints noted. The kangaroos do not seem to be attracted to the vegetable seedlings, thankfully; all plants are accounted for. We’ll deal with possums and rabbits – and insects – when fruits and vegetables do start to grow? After a week of rain, the earth is sporting a green fuzz. While the little vegetables don’t show much signs of progress, weeds seem to thrive overnight. It’s me against the millions of weeds — got my work cut out for me. Continue reading [Veggie Patch] Weeds Are Here

Some Spring Activity in the Garden

Spring is finally here and we enjoy witnessing this new season at our new home. These Calla lily plants are beautiful to inherit; we did not know they were lilies. What I am not too thrilled about are how weeds shoot up almost overnight. I have been using offline time to de-grass and de-weed the mulched plots. So much to do. Little lemons are appearing from “flowers” that I do not see? The lemons may be yellow, but they are small… Delicate Camellias are falling just by looking at them. Purple weedy flowers are proliferating, which I am not complaining … Continue reading Some Spring Activity in the Garden