Upcycled Clutch Zipper Pouch with screen-printed Splendid Blue

Source: Upcycled Clutch Zipper Pouch with screen-printed Splendid Blue


Vegetable Gardening version 2, 2017


Giving this gardening thing another go, we relocated our vegetable beds and fruit trees to the other face of the house. This is a sunnier position and looks promising. One major lesson from the past year was irrigation. Having a timer to do the watering eliminated the task of remembering to keep the little roots happy.

The positives thus far:

  • A storm on Boxing Day last year broke our lemon tree at the base. We are happy to see it recovering and regenerating profusely, a few weeks later.
  • We have our first fig.
  • The tomatoes are clearly enjoying the new location.

The yet-to-learn:

  • Pests and diseases! Always a challenge when living with bugs.

The Many Excuses For Not Blogging, Or The Lack Of.


  1. A significant birthday celebration and eating fest in Osaka in April.
  2. Major preparations in the JuanitaTortilla headquarters for a big market that happened with our return from Osaka. (‘Big’ to mean the most expensive in my history of marketing.)
  3. The lack of home internet for 2 weeks.
  4. The occasional power outages due to storms, or no apparent reason at all.
  5. Winter is coming.
  6. General lack of interest in sitting at the computer — where I pay the bills, tend to photos of my Etsy shops and voluntarily faff about on Facebook or blog — because I’d rather be making pretty things in my workroom.
  7. Who’s listening?

The Journey of a JuanitaTortilla Handcrafted Bag; How I Make My Bags

Being in the markets and explaining to interested viewers the story behind each bag can be exciting. But even more exciting is creating this video to illustrate my story. That’s right — it was created frame by frame, scribble by scribble, too.

Every piece I make has a story; each one so unique and one of a kind.

I hope you will enjoy this little video about the journey of a JuanitaTortilla handcrafted bag.
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That Hippie Happy Vibe of Flinders Street Market — I Am Addicted

The vibe at Flinders Street Market last Sunday could not feel more hippier and happier. I was on the mission to photograph the market scene that day, to warm my fingers up for the upcoming photo-taking session for ‘Making in the Market with Violet Cooper’.

Groovy records were spinning, aroma of deliciousness wafting in the air, happy shiny people all around.

To me, this growing marketplace as ‘a little piece of San Francisco in little South Australia’. I keep meeting a variety of nice creatives in this shed, it’s becoming an addiction.

The Pullover That Wasn’t Quite; Purple and Green Souvenir Yarn from Nepal

~ The first hank of yak wool from Kathmandu, wound up. Photo circa October 2013. ~ This was the photo I took to the yarn shop when I had a second visit to Nepal. ~ Was excited to find a matching hank — just that one left — with the help of the same shop girl from my last visit, and returned home with it.

~ The wound-up balls from 2 hanks of yak wool. Photo circa April 2014. ~ Winding and untangling began in March 2014. ~ A cast-on for an undetermined project. ~ Finally settled on a jumper knitting pattern after a few attempts.

~ A jumper (pullover) that took a couple of months to make; cast-off in May 2014. ~ It turned out to be a dress? ~ Pickle for scale.

~ Obviously I misinterpreted the pattern… ~ Free knitting pattern sourced from Berroco, http://www.berroco.com/patterns/graphite

Making in the Market: Multimedia Collage with Violet Cooper at Flinders Street Market

Adelaide’s Flinders Street Market will be hosting their second fun and creative ‘Making in the Market’ workshop led by the talented Violet Cooper.

Violet is an all-rounded artist and I adore her illustrated tale ‘The Story of Pete’ and the teacup mosaic (featured above).

I am also excited to share that I will be photographing and capturing all the fun and creativity at this upcoming ‘Making in the Market’ session. And to hopefully get in on the action, too? ;)

Details are as follows:

Book your seat here: https://apps.facebook.com/ecwid-shop/store/704188782932045?~~category=9672479&~~id=37153409&~~mode=product

  • Flinders Street Market, 230 Flinders Street, Adelaide.
  • 14th June Saturday
  • 10:00am to 12:30pm
  • Materials included, as are tea and scones :)
  • $38 per person

[ Images are from violetcooper.com and The Sunshine Van. ]

Pickle The Cheerleading Cat Loves Flinders Street Market


We’ve had a busy 2-day market weekend. Pickle would not let me out of her sight as soon as I got home. The weather had not been cooperative. Good thing we’re an indoor market.

There’s one thing I enjoy about being in Flinders Street Market: the really nice people. Fellow stallholders are warm and friendly, creating a sense of community. Most importantly, the organiser is always present and engaging. (Hearing from others, most market organisers are disengaged; I have experienced a not-so-nice market event last Sunday myself.)


Sunday morning, I woke up to an idea for a slightly different table display. Pickle came along for the ride. This would be my 6th market experience, and each time gets a little different.


With little foot traffic, I had the two days to wind up this tangled hank of wool. Other stallholders were tempted to help me out, but I insisted that I have it under control… I did! Applause all around for winding it all up by the end of the market weekend.


These are the Juanita Tortilla originals that have found new homes this past weekend.

Sold on 31 May and 01 June

They were sold at discounted prices, but sales nonetheless, and I am happy about that. In fact, I have been told that my prices are too low for the amount of work — thank you to all of you who recognise that.

I have no markets lined up for the rest of June and July – winter is low shopping season – so it is best to restock, recharge, and rethink designs… and also tend to my dressmaking hobby which has been neglected.

The Juanita Tortilla Etsy store is still well and alive through Winter, though, and I will be offering a special coupon code for you soon!