Long Beaded Boho Crochet Necklace in cobalt and peacock green.

Elegant beaded necklace. The focal crochet component of 62 beads represent the maximum and minimum recorded temperatures for the day, every day of July 2017. Colour coded, July’s necklace has peacock-green and deep blue colours. The rest of the necklace is made up of glass, metal and Swarovski crystal beads. Temperature readings are based on my location in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, 550m above sea level. Beads have been reclaimed and repurposed, collected from all over the world. 27 inches long, a necklace that drapes over without the need of a clasp.

Source: Long Beaded Boho Crochet Necklace in cobalt and peacock green.


Kookaburra Wall art hanging. Warm Red Floral Screen Printed

Original kookaburra design created by me, from paper to ink. Individually screen printed image superimposed on vintage upholstery textile. I then stitched the printed fabric onto a background fabric and threaded through a wooden stick to frame it at the top.

Ink has been set. Ready to hang.


  • 40 cm long (including wooden frame)

  • 24 cm wide (excluding wooden frame)

Bundled up nice and snug for its journey, this fabric wall hanging may appreciate a nice steam iron when it arrives its new home.


I am a self-taught artist and tinkerer with keen interest in upcycling and repurposing material. To literally put my stamp on my work, I draw, cut and print my own designs based on things I love, see, and enjoy. Personally handmade by me in my home in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Source: Kookaburra Wall art hanging. Warm Red Floral Screen Printed

Odd Egg Chicken illustration postcard. Small art print.


One-of-a-kind hand printed stamp of my illustration on a 1972 paperback, Flash for Freedom by George Macdonald Fraser. This is page 267 of the book. I love recycling and re-purposing.

Each bird image has been sketched, cut and printed by myself in my home. Size: Standard postcard, 6 x 4 inches.

  • Beautiful gift. Ready to receive your handwritten message or to be framed on your wall.

  • This is a one of a kind and original work of art.

  • A cardboard box makes the back of the postcard. Each card is unique.

Shipping / Postage: I am happy to combine multiple items in one shipping quote! Story: Juanita Tortilla postcards began when I made some greeting cards out to friends across the globe, receiving many compliments while at the post office. Now I want to share them with you and you can be the envy of many.

Source: Odd Egg Chicken illustration postcard. Small art print.

Weather Pattern a.k.a. Temperature Project. January 2017 — Wabisabi Geeky Woven Bag

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (3)

Late last year, Friend Sue planted this crafty seed in my head: create something according to the daily temperature, inspired by the ‘Temperature Blanket’ crochet or knitted projects that have made their presence on the interweb.

The inner geek and stash-busting crafter in me accepted the challenge. Boom! Done. We have our daily maximum recorded temperature data* for all 31 days of January 2017 presented on this wabisabi weaving.

I have decided to make this project more bite-sized and relevant to my style and work since large projects such as blankets, quilts and scarves aren’t my cup of tea…

Behold Miss January 2017. 1st Jan begins at the top.

Onward to 11 more bags!

*Based on my home location 500m above sea level.

That was January 2017. #temperatureproject2017

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (4)

TEMP TOTE Jan2017 (2) TEMP TOTE Scale

Small Screen Printed Zipper Change or Card Holders

Small, but not so small zipper pouches. Little happy things that I enjoyed working on.

What may have instigated this was the request for:

something small to put a gift voucher in; or
something flat and light and/or Australian-inspired* to mail overseas; or
something handmade and unique as a Kris Kringle / Secret Santa present for this gift-giving season!

*Chicken and cats do not count :D


Mixed Media Art – Screen printed Bird – Upcycled Collage – Textile Postcard or Wall Art


To pick a favourite from the multi-step process is not possible. They were all enjoyable — from sketching the birds, cutting the stencil, pressing the ink through the silk screen and finally piecing the little bird fabrics on to cardboard.

OK, so my least favourite would be cutting the stencil part :D

The end result of superimposing prints surprises me!

Little postcard-sized pieces of art, I’d proclaim.


Bird Illustrations – the few familiar Australian natives


Created a handful of bird illustrations in keeping with the ‘Put a bird on it’ theme…  The first stencil I made was of the Crimson Rosella. It is a very colourful bird which I thought would best fit the rainbow patchwork tote.

For now, the other feather friends — the Laughing Kookaburra, Galah, Magpie and Chook — are safely stored in my sketchbook for amusement’s sake. They have been fun to draw!



Jigging A 3 x 2-metre Layout

07.Apr.16 07.Apr.16
07.Apr.16 07.Apr.16
11.Apr.16 We're almost there with the set-up

The next market event for J.T. will be a big one — Gathered. on 30.Apr and 1.May — and I have chosen a 3 by 2 metre stall site that I hope to dress well for it to work. Naturally, we have display ever more so at the top of our heads. (By our, I mean my physical self and voices in my head.)

In comes Pinterest, and thank you for my daily morning dose of crafty inspiration. From uber-slick to fleamarket-style visual merchandising, my head is exploding with ideas and suggestions. But alas, I have to work with what is true to me and my branding. And props at hand. We’re almost there, but with fresh eyes each new morning, it is a never-ending story… It really never ends!