Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture 23.Apr.16

23.Apr.1623.Apr.16 23.Apr.16 23.Apr.16 23.Apr.16 23.Apr.16

Another fun outing ensued in the morning as we rode the bus to the Alps, Tateyama. We were reminded of the Swiss alps and enjoyed some proper matcha roll and tea after a communal hot pot lunch. (Not so fun for me in the 50 minute stretch of the windy mountain bus ride as the motion sickness pill wore off.)

The tour group we were with was so properly run and organised, giving us a sufficient sample of each unique site. On our way back to Osaka, we once again had proper stops at Service Areas, giving us opportunities to procure immaculately boxed souvenir sweets and nibbles  (OMG, grilled cuttlefish) along the way.

By sunset, we were conveniently alighted at our hotel where we returned to our creature comforts. That was an activity-packed 2 days outside of Osaka, don't you think?