Pastel + cats + floral = Shabby Chic Patchwork Scarf / Wrap / Shawl for the Cat Lady

DSC_0461 Sometimes, we need to give Procrastination a butt-kicking. I had been sitting on the idea of patch-worked up-cycled and Pickle stamped scarves for a very long time and it felt good to finally crack the whip.

A cotton scarf + cotton/synthetic-blend remnants -- washed, pressed and sliced 'n' diced these fabrics to create four shabby chic wraps (or shawls or scarves), each so different! And each one long enough to wrap and knot.

Please tell me that pastel + cats + floral is a winning combination?

Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral1 (4) Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral1 (6)

Scarf 1:

Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral2 (3) Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral2 (7)

Scarf 2:

Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral3 (5) Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral3 (6)

Scarf 3:

Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral4 (2) Scarf_PatchworkCatFloral4 (6)

Scarf 4: