Flea-market-esque Vintage Style Booth Display For First Market For 2016

24.Jan.16 Ditching the fuss over crisp fitted tablecloths and perfectly lined props, it has taken me 1.5 years to realise that I should embrace the busyness of my chaotic style.

Why not, right?

  1. I enjoy the clutter and the vintage-y props and material I collect, and

  2. heck yes, the essence of my work is to re-create things from unwanted material.

Besides, everyone loves a good rummage.

24.Jan.16 24.Jan.16 24.Jan.16 24.Jan.16

Throughout the market day, I had been shuffling things around. These photos were time-stamped at 3PM, the last hour of the market. Those who know me will also know that I am still not satisfied with this set-up -- I overthink and find it a never-ending task!

Or maybe I will make new fitted tablecloths one day? :D