Top 7 Pickled Pockets Products in 2015 (all of them, basically)

12 Little Pickle Purses

  1. Pickled Pockets Purses -- the original candy bead series, only 12 pieces made. Also my first initiation into hand-stitching metal purse frames.

First Pickled Pockets Tote

Pickled Pockets Tote

  1. Totes: hand-painted and screen-printed. The first tote idea instigated by Joolz! A screen-printing workshop saw a larger Pickle print being created.

Pickled Pockets Drawstring bag

  1. Pickle-stamped drawstring bags. Perfect for gift-wrapping and storage, or that 'Under $10 gift'.

Geometric Pickle Tea Towels Repurposed Linen TeaTowel_Stamp (5)


  1. Tea towels! Ranging from repurposed cotton fabric to luxurious linen. The linen range for those who splurge on tea towels; a gift to themselves or a cat-loving someone.

01.Jul.15 (9)

  1. Large one-of-a-kind upholstery screen-printed pouches. Only 10 made. Great use of a booklet of upholstery samples and trying out a new Pickle graphic.

22.Jul.15 Pickle Scarf


  1. Scarves, an extended version from tea towels, literally.

11.Nov.15 First Batch of Pickled Pockets Aprons

  1. Pickled Pockets Aprons -- combining the love for cats and cooking!