A Month of Yard Work, The Hubs' Edition, Dec 2015

25.Dec.1525.Dec.15 25.Dec.15

The Hubs took leave this December and by leave we mean not travelling out of Adelaide!

The warmer weather flicked his gardening mode on and thus far he has: - killed off all weeds (nasty, tall, invasive weeds); - installed new steps and removed old rotten sleepers; - evidently created a walking trail; - essentially re-landscaped the whole place by clearing all ground cover.


Our regular visitors of the Roo kind still do drop by, sometimes leaving the nervous joey in our "charge" when mummy hops over the high fence... She does come back to retrieve it, after a while.

25.Dec.15 25.Dec.15 25.Dec.15

The man also got interested in composting our vegetation and have built a few compost bins... Roo-proofed all fruit trees... Gave every tree and shrub a good chopping so they are no longer brushing against the house and things are looking tidy.

25.Dec.15 25.Dec.15 25.Dec.15 25.Dec.15

He also became our irrigation expert by re-installing a water pump. Now the rainwater will be accessible at all points, and the veggie patch has its own watering system!