September in a Flash

I blinked and it is October. Mum fell down and broke her femur, so I made a trip to visit her in hospital post-surgery early September, coordinating with The Hubs who literally isn't in the country half the time. Mum gets discharged from the rehabilitation hospital today, still unable to stand and walk, so my sister is visiting to possibly make arrangements for hired help.

Another buddy has moved out of lil' Adelaide, to start a new chapter in life with her street-smart cat, Miss Indigo Mae.

I ploughed through long hours to work on more bags and Pickle'd wares; The Hubs being away enables that, but I am only one person and the body tires, unfortunately. Presented myself at 2 markets, in September, as welcomed distractions.

October through December will be busy months ahead... No time to be tired, but to hustle even harder, because it means more frequent visits to Singapore and supporting the parents who have no financial sustenance.