Visiting John

05.Jul.15 (49) Enchiladas Take 205.Jul.15 (50) Enchiladas Take 2 23.Jun.15 18.Jun.15 (2) 04.Jul.15 (6) Maiz and Mezcal

The Hubs' finishing PhD, John, is visiting from Zurich and has been with us for the past 3 weeks. For someone who likes food, John's stay has caused me to up my cooking game. If not trying to have something fancy at home for dinner, we have been eating our way around Adelaide: Vietnamese, Mexican, burgers, Chinatown. Occasionally John cooks while I kick back and relax. So far we've enjoyed enchiladas, which gets better each time, and there are still more weeks of feasting to come.


This is John's first attempt at chopping wood, and he has obviously done a better job than I did, because I can't...