Puggle Pods -- A JuanitaTortilla and Uanfink Collaboration

05.May.15 Puggle Pods Collab Day 205.May.15 Puggle Pods Collab Day 2 05.May.15 Puggle Pods Collab Day 2 05.May.15 Puggle Pods Collab Day 2 05.May.15 Puggle Pods Collab Day 2

My friend Sue and I have been slowly working on a collaborative project, Puggle Pods. It has been 2 days of work, so far. In Day 1, we sat down to experiment with the purse frames and discussed over a name for this project. 'Puggle' is a nickname for a young echidna (we wanted something South Aussie), 'Pods' to represent a vessel. At the end of 5 hours, only 5 Puggle Pods were made. It is a lot more difficult than it looks! Day 2 might have broken our record with 8 completed Puggle Pods which took about 6 hours.

Each Puggle Pod is a combined effort: Sue is the crochet expert, while I sort out embellishments and construction of each pod. We are not calculative -- I crochet, too, and we contribute to the supplies however we can. So long as we're enjoying the process, that's all that matters.

There will be 50 one-of-a-kind Puggle Pods to this joint effort, which means many more crafternoons of coffee and cold pizzas at my place. Fun! I jest that perhaps we should hold an exhibit of "50 Puggle Pods" at a gallery. Every piece is different!

29.Apr.15 Puggle Pods collaboration 06.May.15 Mug stand perfect for Puggle Pods