Collaborative Painting With The Birthday Boy And Pickle

22.Apr.1522.Apr.15 22.Apr.15 Pickle's paw smear (yellow on white canvas)

For The Hubs' birthday, he took leave from work and we worked on this jiffy craft: a whimsical painting. To my horror Pickle's paw got involved, but it is a cute idea. Pickle's yellow paw print. (It's mostly hair.)

Basically all the man did was spread on loosely the dark brown background and random big messy blotches of yellow using a sponge, added clumps of dots (red and white) haphazardly, then ran off to play in his garage. I took care of the rest: colour, filling in white spaces, and popping it with lots of dots, because the man wants dots.

I like the whimsical appeal.

Lunch was off to PapaRich, a new Malaysian place, for laksa and noodles.

22.Apr.15 Lunch at PapaRich