Green Tomato Challenge 3: Tomato Sauce

22.Feb.15 Tomato Sauce22.Feb.15 Tomato Sauce 22.Feb.15 Tomato Sauce 22.Feb.15 Tomato Sauce

Final challenge for the tomatoes: Sauce. The green tomatoes did ripen on the counter top over time. It was a tomato symphony of colours every day as I procastinated their fate of becoming sauce in jars.

Not diverting too far from the earlier chutney recipe, I made the sauce with a couple cloves of garlic, sun-dried (read: wilted) herbs from the balcony (rosemary, basil mint, parsley), some balsamic vinegar, sprinkle of sugar and some salt. These were all cooked together and blitzed into a puree. Easy, easy!

One jar for pasta sauce, the other as chunky ketchup? What say you?

P.S. To make ketchup sauce, sieve the puree through a strainer to refine it, I read.