Psychedelic Pine Cone Painting

09.Feb.15 Psychedelic Pine ConeThis is another one of the wild things I get up to whenever the husband is away -- painting uninterrupted for 6:15 hours. It was so engrossing that the 6 hours of cricket commentary on the radio didn't bother me. No breakfast, no lunch, no drink and no toilet breaks. Hey, that's like standing in the markets.

09.Feb.15 Psychedelic Pine Cone It's an elementary painting of a pine cone. Because I like pine cones! It was only after putting it up that I realised: the colours are so random. How unintended. Can you find 2 "petals" of the same colour?

08.Feb.15 That was my specimen.

08.Feb.15 The background is a haphazard smearing of cream and gold bands. It does not show up well on pictures, but the gold bands are shiny at an angle.

08.Feb.15 Oh, just some kiddy acrylic paints, cheapo paint brushes, and a plastic-covered dinner plate. Anyone can paint!