Lavender Pickle Dress - Gathered Neckline - Burda 7796

23.Jan.15 Lavender Pickle Dress23.Jan.15 Lavender Pickle Dress 23.Jan.15 Lavender Pickle Dress

This is THE Pickle dress! After considering a couple of dress patterns, and having only 2m of the purple fabric, I wanted a simple dress to showcase the Pickle stencil. Two metres of fabric isn't much to muck around with, so I revisited an easy pattern. (I made this dress in 2013 once before and liked it.)

It's big, it's purple, it has Pickle on it, it has glorious large pockets, and it covers my knees. We approve! As soon as I finished it that Friday afternoon (23rd Jan), I put it on immediately to show off go out.

Notes: Burda 7796 Size 38