12th Month in Australia: Bush Fire Action Plan


We begin our 12th month in Australia with a bush fire action plan. For the benefit of concerned friends and family, I am sharing the views of the clear skies we have here in Crafers / Stirling.

The devastating bush fire happening northeast of Adelaide is 40 kilometres away from us, but we keep a close watch on the wind direction, news updates and our surroundings. Rest assured.

Since moving to the hills last June, we have an action plan simply because we are in the trees. Everyone needs one. Our 'Emergency Fire Escape' kit includes Pickle's large crate and an overnight suitcase with documents. These go to Car #1.

05.Jan.15 Action Plan -- overnight bag and documents

We made this visible checklist by the doorway. No time to think when in a hurry, so these are our essentials and valuables that we can grab in 10 minutes. Very select pre-packed 'bonus' items if we have over 1 hour, but not necessary...


There are evacuation warnings. The battery-operated boombox lets us tune in to live radio updates.

05.Jan.15 Action Plan -- battery-operated boombox

Car #2 has been loaded with an air mattress and bedding, and another carrier for Pickle. We have a designated safe place to meet at, in case we are separated.

05.Jan.15 Action Plan -- sleeping gear in my car

The CFS phone app sends us current updates. It keeps us vigilant.

05.Jan.15 We are in Stirling / Crafers

What Life has taught us from moving around so much in the last 10 years is:

1. Things are just things,

2. Have few things, and

3. Learn to let go.

To friends and family reading this: We are OK.

P.S. This was the smoke carried in the wind from last Saturday's fire in the northeast 40 KM away. Definitely ominous to be able to see it from so far away.