Last Market Stall for 2014

21.Dec.1421.Dec.14 21.Dec.14

My last market was the pre-Christmas market of Stirling Laneways on 21st December. For this event, I created new wine bags and little metal frame purses. It was an OK day, but slow I have to admit, because most have had their Christmas shopping done already.

It had been an intense 6 months of trying out markets, not one of them with predictable crowd and reception, in my experience. Looking back, I am disgusted by how obsessed with markets I have become and how it had consumed every minute of my day. Sewing was no longer fun and I felt unhealthy all around. We want our weekends back to enjoy our home and life in Australia.

Going out to markets needs to be fun, not stressful and wasteful of time and money... This year I am focusing on taking it easy with markets: once every month or two months, maybe? I am keeping my calender open, and I shall be very selective from now on!