My Mother's Cooking - A Week of Feasting [picture heavy]

IMG_2067Chicken Curry

IMG_2068 Pumpkin

IMG_2079 Chap Chye

IMG_2080 Chilli crabs

IMG_2084 Sambal prawns

IMG_2085 Mixed vegetables

IMG_2089 Steamed fish with preserved olive leaves

IMG_2090 Braised pig trotters and chicken feet (star anise and black sauce were used)

IMG_2091 Bean sprouts with tofu and dried shrimp

IMG_2093 Water cress and goji soup in pork stock

IMG_2094 Szechuan chicken

IMG_2100 Slow-and-low-heat omelette using little dried shrimp

IMG_2101 Mixed veggies in oyster sauce

IMG_2103 Chicken with leek and goji and other mixed veggies

IMG_2104 Steamed silken tofu with preserved olive leaves

Seven nights worth of deliciousness prepared by my mother (16-22 Nov). Can't get more authentic than that.