Lemons, Camellias, Kangaroos and Koala in a Day

09.Aug.14 12 lemons

This last Saturday, I decided to have a lemon harvest. Picking the fully yellow ones, I managed to gather 12! There are many more left on the tree I am leaving to ripen. Exciting. In fact, I have been adding lemon zest and juice into almost everything I cook.

09.Aug.14 Thought to cut some flowers from the bushes

And because the camellias are blooming, I helped myself to some. It's rare of me to decorate with flowers, so the jug is a temporary vase. I have to admit that having these colours livens the space.

Resident Kangaroos

That very same Saturday afternoon, Hubs and I decided to go on a short 'discovery walk' on the land across us. The lots of land are notably larger, and we spotted 6 kangaroos that roam here. What kangaroos are to Australia are what deer are to North America, I guess?

On our way home, I spotted a circular blob on a gum tree.

Catching sight of a koala makes me happy. This would be my second time seeing this guy on our street, the first for The Hubs. He must travel quite a bit, because the last time I saw this koala was many, many houses away! Unless we're looking at a different one? Maybe one day I'll learn to recognise each koala from their bottoms.

So round

Oh, just hanging around and relaxing. How adorable is this fluffy round blob?