How We Bought A House - Our First House

IMG_0793 Since arriving in Adelaide this February, we house-hunted without a pause. The months that followed after setting up our rental home -- all 3 months of it -- saw us stalking and a number of suburbs in the weekends and some weekday evenings. On average we were visiting 4 houses per week. It was 4 houses per day on some days!

We saw a great variety of homes -- from seaside suburbs on the west to the hills in the east; from affordable compact ones to McMansions; modern ones to musk-drenched 'perfect for demolition' ones; and even explored new urban developments, land lots and design-your-own home packages. We also faced disappointments when our offers were outbid by others. Who knew that placing an offer on a property could be an emotional one?

Our search became more specific over time. The real estate mantra of 'location, location, location' could not ring truer. For me personally, it would be defeating the purpose of having a beautiful house on a road with noisy neighbours in an urban sprawl.

I was once advised: It has to be love at first sight.

One Friday evening in May while having dinner with friends, a modest house for auction popped up under our radar. When we saw the house that first open day, it checked the right boxes: good-sized land; space; quiet street; easy access to the city; good bones with lots of decorating opportunity; and located in the hills.

After much research, consultation and thought, we gave it our best offer. And it got accepted.