A Weekend of Nightmares


[Saturday, Fullarton Market]

* A suburban monthly market that was filled with friendly people. * Womenfolk were very attracted to my jewellery and bags. However, 'I cannot afford this necklace,' one said after trying on a necklace, and 'I wish I was not broke,' said another regarding my bag. * A man (who sells jewellery) came by in the morning and admired my work. He remarked, 'You'd have spent 3 hours on a necklace, but shoppers are not going to appreciate all the work that goes into it.' Words of an experienced person. Average minimum wage in Adelaide is ~$20/hour. * This was obviously a market fair for fruits and vegetables, for shoppers to engage in lunches and browse for home and garden ware.

- Views: Many - Number of sales: 0 - My $45 (+ $150) lesson: People like pretty things, and they want it cheap. No more neighbourhood markets for me. ($150 marquee to protect my stall. Worth it, though.)





[Sunday, "Boutique Market?"]

* After Fullarton's disappointment, I lowered all my prices by $10-$30. Such low prices would not be worth my time and effort, honestly, but I was so demoralised... * It was an extremely quiet day with the hall feeling very sparse. * I was the odd seller there. Signing up specifically for 'Boutique Market' where organisers claim it is for designer ware, I found myself immersed in a hall full of baby things. So wrong; so shammed. * Despite the organiser's good intention of trying to mix the stalls up (Mathilda's children market and Boutique market), it proved to be a wrong idea. Being in a children's event did me no favour as mothers were too busy keeping the small hands away from my things and steering clear of and a good distance away from my table. * At one point the children's music entertainment got so loud, we could hardly hear ourselves thinking. Families couldn't wait to disperse after the children had danced out their energies. * Later in the day, I found out that I was not the only stall that suffered.

- Views: Not more than handful. It was so quiet. I question the organiser's advertising campaign that they claim to be very active, because I witnessed none. - Number of sales: 0 - My $150 lesson: I don't even know what to say. But I took home these advice from fellow market sellers: 1. I am still an infant in terms of finding the right market for my wares. 2. Learn to say 'no' to market invites, because they are going to be wrong for you. 3. Everyone has to experience such bad market days, especially at the beginning.