Lunching with Jammies, Doris, Sarah and Miriam

Last Tuesday, a visit to Sarah's gave me a break from feeling rotten over Sunday's lacklustre market stall. In fact, I was hand-delivering one of my handmade bags to Sarah so that she could pass it on to her mum. Yay, another JuanitaTortilla supporter! Thank you so much, Mummy Ask.

Catching up with Miriam and Sarah was also nice as I got to see in person their 'Me Made's for Me-Made-May*. And I met the most placid and flaccid boy-cat on the planet, Mr Pajamas. Doris was sweet, too. Always a pleasure hanging out with cats.

Our lovely hostess served us a really delicious lemon risotto with salad. So good. And even better were the sinful palmiers; they were so good I had to stop myself at three. Yes, I didn't think about the butter and sugar that goes into one, obviously. (But they were so good!)

Sarah will be sharing the recipe for her lemon risotto and palmiers on her blog, soon. Can't wait to recreate them. Thank you for having us over, Sarah. We should do this more often.

*Some coincidence -- I was wearing a 'me made' as well, but no way will you see me posing in front of the camera! :D