Broccoli and Carrots, Again and Again...

Untitled Every week, I load up the cart with broccoli and carrot. Every, single, time; just so automatically. Cooking started to get frighteningly boring until I decided to challenge myself with a would-be blog show-and-tell -- to vary ways of cooking (and eating) the broccoli-and-carrot duo. These were what I came up with over the past weeks.


*Chicken 'n carrots meatball "clear stew" with broccoli. It is a lot more soupy than pictured.


*A very lazy tossed noodle, because I had some balls of skinny wanton noodles to use.

IMG_0304 *Just steamed.


*Vegetarian yeemee for that starchy MSG fix.


Eventually I'd like to roast them in winter. And curries! Tempura vegetables would be nice, apart from the baneful need for a substantial amount of oil?

Do you also ever find yourself in a monotonous cooking rut?