We'll get along fine -- how do you know?

Swollen with age, awkwardly bespectacled, a hairy mess, smudged makeup or none at all, and in a dowdy unflattering outfit. Hello, that's me.

If there's anything all these years of moving around has taught me, it would be: finding friends can be easy. And I just might have the recipe for that.

(This doodle was made in 2008 before leaving the US for Switzerland.)

The method requires you to be comfortable with what you are and stand for. And time, definitely have to make time.

Having something in common seems like the obvious thing as well. There is that magical click in one's head, I believe, when you realise something in common with another and to cause the words "OMG, me too" to be uttered. Then click, we are BFFs 4eva. (4eva!) These something-in-common things could be from something as obvious and neutral such as hobbies and interests to something abstract and intangible such as a shared experience or opinion. In fact the more things in common, the merrier the gel. That's what I think.

How about those instances where someone tries to introduce you to somebody new: "I think you will like her. She has/does/is [insert something in common] too ...". Note that significant word "too".

I am hardly your next door extroverted neighbour (hardly), but the internet has opened the doors for me. The 'Friendly Feature' interview series* gently attests to that and also made me notice the similar things shared, and how varied the combinations of elements could be.

So, how do you know you will get along with someone?

How did you know we could get along? What do we have in common?

*Not everybody has a blog or wants to be featured.