This Ole Elna Overlocker

As with all of our relocations, parting with my appliances means I get to inaugurate each new craft space for new / different ones. This time, I was feeling adventurous and did some eBay and Gumtree shopping. It was definitely a rash decision by bidding on a machine I did not research (for reviews); I had been outbid for other machines I had interest in and thought it would happen just the same with this one. This is the Elna overlocker I ended up winning as the first and only bidder: Elna Lock L-1.

It is a sturdy made-in-Japan machine that arrived by courier from New South Wales in speed. Lots of cleaning up and oiling ensued, followed by a bulb that needed to be replaced.

The original manual arrived from the eBay seller separately, and the replacement bulbs came well protected. A string of profanity was let out when I saw how much bigger the new bulb was.

The big new bulb fitted with a little bit of bumping against the inner wall, and we have light. Door flap to the light bulb won't close now. Small matter.

While the thrill of seeking a "vintage" object had been fun and romantic in practice, I now have my doubts about buying an old no-longer-in-production machine online and without seeing it in person. However, this compact Elna, I am certain, is a feisty durable thing that will do her job loyally. Just sad that I won't get to sew knits with this machine... Doh!