The Eventful Second Week - A New Home, Car and an Ikea Haul No.1

The second week saw us sending out 5 home applications. We were accepted by 4 and had accepted the first offer. We are really happy with this one. Finding a new home happened faster than we had expected -- the B'n'B was booked for 4 weeks. Better to have a space of our own sooner than later.

With our newly purchased mobility, the hire car was returned (earlier as well) and we made the obligatory trip to IKEA. I was housebound for some days while The Hubs went to work since we were expecting deliveries. We then spent a few nights hand-assembling the furniture, receiving much help from Pickle. (Cats and carton!)

For Pickle, the transition to the new home was smooth and easy. It was a Saturday morning where we loaded our suitcases and Pickle's things into the car, and I had her on my lap for the 15 minute drive to the foothills. She is such an adventurous cat and took to the new home immediately, clearly approving of the bigger space.

In our 10 years as tenants, this is the first time we've bought our own refrigerator and washing machine. It took us quite a while to decide on each product, and what big purchases they are...

It was fun shopping for furniture at IKEA and I think our decisions may have been subconsciously affected by Pickle's coat colour? And as this post's title suggests, there was more than 1 visit to IKEA.