Huge Thanks to Ozzi Cat and Friends - PICKLE IN QUARANTINE Update

One day after a bibimbap lunch, Cathy and I were chatting about cats and she introduced me to Ozzi Cat, an Australian cat magazine. Seeing how Ozzi Cat is a resource of information, I wrote to Natalie ("Mrs Cat") to inquire about the availability of a certain litter disposal system in Australia. Natalie replied in speed and I also learned that she is no stranger to having her cats in quarantine.

Then, just so unsolicited, Natalie offered to visit Pickle at the quarantine station.

Hubs and I were so excited to hear of this kind offer of a gesture. What coincidence that Natalie lives in Melbourne! Also using her initiative, Natalie called up the quarantine station to find out how we could authorise her visit. The date was set for January 24th and I began a countdown; Pickle celebrates her midway mark of her quarantine with a new friend!

I had to share this exciting news and Ozzi Cat with Sandra who in turn suggested I make a voice recording for Pickle. Despite feeling embarrassed, I did it anyway under the encouragement of Julia, and I sent my voice file to Natalie.

Knowing that a friendly someone was going to spend some loving time with Pickle took some anxiety away and I would have been happy with that.

However Natalie returned from her visit with more than a reassuring update and beautiful photographs of Pickle; she took videos and compiled a special playlist which I am eager to share with you. These videos made me feel that much closer to our baby girl, and I am dumbfounded by Natalie's generosity and kindness.

I only hope that this modest little blog post can do justice in saying thanks to Natalie's grand gesture and support from fellow cat-adoring friends. Thank you!

The Pickle in quarantine playlist: - 9 videos