US Diary 50

On Monday, a man from the shipping company surveying our apartment walked past the refrigerator and commented, "That is a beautiful cat." Isn't he.

With a long-forgotten inspiration to make my own croissants, in the cabinet stood a lonesome packet of bread flour. I spent one afternoon trying out a baguette recipe. (BTW, can you also spot the Krustenkranz bread in the picture above? The miniature food collectibles were given to me by Janet, and I turned them into magnets. Fond memories of Swiss food.)

A returning Etsy customer so kindly helped herself to two bags from my store. Little acts of appreciation like this go a long (long) way. I hope to continue sewing bags in Adelaide... And worry about shipping costs later.

Our shelves and drawers are bare as we await the movers, and I busy my mornings with remaining sessions at the yoga centre.

The pet mover has passed Pickle on to the Spotswood quarantine facility. I am so happy to finally have an update:

How many more days to February 11th? Please lend me your fingers to count.