Tomato Factory - Hopewell, NJ

Cathy took me to Hopewell's Tomato Factory last month. That was a real treat; I miss looking at antiquities and how an activity like that takes one back in time. What I like about Tomato Factory is the variety of things and how everything is in great condition -- no chips or cracks or food stains on kitchenware and linen tea towels -- and I found myself spending most time in a particular booth selling kitchenware, naturally.

Items that caught my interest:

- adorable and kitschy salt'n'pepper shakers from the 1950s;

- beautiful purple glass bottles (how often do you find purple bottles these days?);

- sets of glass containers that were precursors to the plastic 'Tupperware' (I want them all);

- colourful Fiesta ware;

- the reupholstered pair of chairs; and

- a 1950s toy metal sewing machine (!). Its flywheel turns to move the needle.

I keep thinking about the little sewing machine and how adorable it is... I want it, but do I need it?