How I Turned 35. WTF?

The old kid who refuses to grow up, with her cupcakes

Damn. Another year older. I dreaded this day because I am in denial about this whole getting old business. Thirty-five. Thirty-effing-five and way *way* over the hill. I've tumbled down ungracefully to crash and burn at the bottom.

The birthday-Sunday came and went, just like any other Sunday... But with cupcakes. Cupcakes saved the day. And sunshine. Finally, some autumn sunshine.

Friends and family deserved some credit: The day was made special by wishes from the virtual world, time-stamped from all over the globe. Your birthday shout-outs made it official. It means a lot to me that I'm in your thoughts. I don't need presents, because these are just *things*... But I won't refuse any present. Who am I kidding.

Like any other Sunday, lunch was cooked and enjoyed; one of my few favourite dishes in the world, Mee siam.

Like any other Sunday, we spent the afternoon with Pickle and Fluffy, and a bit of housekeeping. What? Yah, can't escape the housewife's duties.

And like any other Sunday, we made it a movie night. But with dinner in the dark, which was junk food (deep fried chicken) from the snack counter. We shouldn't expect any gourmet stuff from the youngsters tending the popcorn and soda machine... I'm trying to lay off junk-food-ish-chicken, but heck, it's my birthday and I do what I want to, in IMAX 3D.

Lunch in the sun
Mee siam!
Carrot cake
House of cupcakes is a house of cupcakes
Dinner in the dark -- of course you won't be able to see anything

What did you get up to on my birthday?