US Diary 35: Thirsty Fluffy and Fancy Tarts

'Week 35 in the US' saw us return from Panama to the cat-sitter's note: Fluffy had been swimming in his water bowl. Fluffy has strange methods of drinking water, but this time, his chest was constantly soggy, and it started to mangle with rust and dirt from this old farmhouse. A quick appointment was made with the cat groomer at Petsmart, resulting in Fluffy's second lion cut for the year. The mini white lion appeared to be relieved and his water obsession tapered off, which led to my relief. Everybody feels better after a haircut.

And then there was the morning at Philly's Zoo.

I procrastinated all spring and summer, awaiting autumn's arrival, to finally take a leisurely stroll in this little town, armed with the camera. That mission stopped short after a few quick minutes, disappointingly. It ran out of battery. The spare battery was flat, too. Would you call that a fail moment?

There was something exciting about stepping into the little independent bakery, standing at the counter and ordering from the chef his little works of art. It was my first time to The Little Chef Pastry Shop; everyone in town raves about his freshly-baked croissants for Sunday breakfast. I could have stopped at one tart, but considering this a rare treat and a pick-me-up, I had to have two.

On a more embarrassing note, I returned home from Panama with a yeast infection that robbed me of 3 nights' sleep. While at the stirrup, I heaved a collective sigh when the nurse practitioner told me that guidelines have changed: the annual check is now every 3 years. Fruit tarts all around, ladies!