US Diary 33: Jet-lagged Madness

After my previous post (thank you for your comments), I had my Oreo cookies fix (the whole pound of it), and went straight back to liking this blog and the community. This online diary continues.

Another Friday marks the end of another 'Week in the US'. This past week, Week 33, had been a topsy-turvy one, thanks to the 12-hour jet-lag. The cats were just as confused, but even more appreciative of our return.

On that Sunday, we visited a friend in Long Island, New York. We figured that since we were in "the north", we should visit a Chinatown for lunch. We found our way to Flushing's Chinatown, and a Malaysian restaurant called Sentosa. It was a toss up between Chinese dim sum or something familiar to us. Going to Sentosa was a wise decision. We have never had more authentic-tasting noodles as these outside of Southeast Asia.

This Assam Laksa sent me straight back to Penang!

In the wrong slip of a southbound turn out of New York, we landed ourselves driving across Midtown Manhattan. When visiting Manhattan, it was usually on foot. Driving in this crazytown is as crazy as it looks.

We got ourselves stuck in traffic (or maybe that's just everyday-NY traffic) in the Fashion District, and I was forced to sit and admire the city surroundings.

Project Runway fans, look what I found: Mood!

I had fun in this mini sightseeing, but the driver? Not so much.

'Tis still my favourite cityscape.

As for the following days of Week 33, it was largely spent at home, waking up at crazy hours and sleeping before sunset. We're now content with waking up at 4am, and sleeping at 8pm, like the old foggies we are.

There was a bit of sewing involved, too :)