Cooking Club: August 2013

* A pound (453 grams) of Jersey-fresh blueberries were baked and well-received by guests. Were they being polite? Or am I too critical of myself? The circles are fun -- I shall be making fruit pie crusts like this from now on.


* After several days weeks of dining out and having guests cook us meals, it landed me in a cooking funk after the last guest had left. There were common ingredients to the meals we've shared with our guests. In their absence, I re-created dinners of the same ingredients: tomatoes, sweet peppers, potatoes, carrots, and chicken, prepared in my lazy, un-thought-out way.

* A dozen frost-less 'Vanilla Butter Cupcakes' were baked, except they were made with margarine, not butter. Nevertheless, they were just as satisfying. I see more Margarine Vanilla Cupcakes in the near future.

This August, the gas oven was definitely well-used, but not recipe books, I'm afraid.

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