US Diary 28: Down Time with the Cats

Beautiful life of beautiful cats
Everything-on-it Bagel. 290 Calories, each.
Pickle versus Siamese cat print

28 weeks; seven flipping months! 'Week 28 in the US' (09-15 Aug) was some much-needed down time for us and the cats.

The Hubs and I finally figured out the cause for his asthma, after 7 months of excuses and elimination. Old carpets were the enemies. With the carpets gone, so did the asthma. Alleluia.
This week also saw Fluffy and Pickle getting their general vaccines. There was a little mix up in Fluffy's patient record -- I should have seen that first red flag when the assistant asked if I had "Fufu" with me. "Fluffy and Pickle," I corrected her, "but you can call him Fufu today if you want." Second red flag: "Is Fluffy a Norwegian Forest Cat?" Fluffy is a big guy, but clearly is a Ragdoll... Then came the final red flag: "Fluffy came to see us for a skin problem recently?" Last year, we were in Switzerland with a very contented Fluffy...
It turned out that we were looking at Fufu's record that belonged to someone with the same last name. Ha! We thought it was hilarious and laughed it off, but the clinic staff were so apologetic about it. Fluffy can have 'Fufu' as his Chinese name.
As for the cause of the mix up: The clinic's database from 3 years ago were removed. Fluffy was a patient there 5 years ago, under my name. So, new records for Fluffy and Pickle!