Sew Me Something: Aztec-ish Batik Easy Dress - Burda 7796

Repeat that, again, please?
Action shot

This is a 3-step easy dress pattern that left me wondering if I was dropped on the head. I had to redo and unpick Step 2, three times, only to finally ignore instructions to do it my way. (See why I don't like instructions?)

Frustrating construction aside, I like this dress. Heck, I like all dresses that I can eat in and distend like a bloated cow that I am.
As with most batik sarongs, this piece is 180 centimetres long, with a distinctive decorative pattern on one end. (It is not a uniform, repetitive print.) I made the "bolder" print as the front, leaving the Aztec-ish print for the back. Also, because it was only 180cm long, the final dress ends short, at mid-thigh.
Pattern: Burda 7796 - size 38, adding inseam pockets

Material: ~1.80 metres of cotton batik bought in Kota Kinabalu airport; cream-coloured biased tape I made ages ago Time taken: 2 days