Pet-sitting for my Landlady

Redford wants to know what I'm up to. (His pill with lots of cream cheese!)
Delilah is grateful for breakfast, but not the camera sounds.
Redford running around and usual barking at butterflies and birds.
I'm happy to go home now, says Redford.
"Bai-bai Dee-lai-lah! Bai-bai Red-furhd!"

The Landlady often needs help with someone to watch her pets. I volunteer my time.

Delilah is a one-woman cat and has not let me get too close to her, understandably. She sniffed my finger once and was not too pleased. Good thing now, she has stopped running away to hide at the sound of the door.

As for Redford, he often shares our home in the mornings, when Fluffy and Pickle allow it, whining to be let out to relief himself. (Clever dog.) He's a funny guy -- barking at birds and butterflies. In my first visit, Redford didn't enjoy hanging out with me / us, but treats did the magic. We're now his pack. At times when Fluffy and Pickle say 'No' to Redford, he wanders back to his apartment door and tells me that he's alright to be home with Delilah.