Borrowed Sunday in Edinburgh. 09.Jun.2013

In a travel-pill-induced stupor, as I rested my head on the bed in the Sheraton room, I thought of my online buddy living in Northeast England. "A little closer to you now; in Edinburgh. Jet-lagged. Might sleep soon," I messaged, not expecting a reply.

'What??? How long are you there? It's only an hour away. I can take the train up,' she replied quickly.

In under an hour later, a train ticket was booked, and the time and place was set. That, was how I met my online buddy, Julia a.k.a. The Spotted Sparrow & Pixel Frau, in the flesh. The spontaneity was, and still is crazy-awesome -- we finally got to slurp coffee together.

* Princes Street * Coffee along Royal Mile * American street performer * Lunch at Thai Orchid * Books from charity shops along Nicolson Street * Shade spot in Princes Street Gardens * Cookies from M&S, in that order.

Thank you for lending me your Sunday, Julia.

OMG, did we really meet? That bag looks so familiar!