My Hippie Image and Branding Inspiration

Lately, I got to thinking about branding image -- wondering if the look of this blog represents me, and what style appeals to me. Scouring the "inter-web", these images called out to me and made my eyes smile... I used them as a guide to tweak my blog: picking up the accents, characteristics and mood.

I am a closet hippie with a bra, angsty, minus the drugs, and pretending to be a minimalist. Does my blog reflect this?

P.S. I was convinced that lavender and purple were "my" colours since 18, moving away from black and all that angst. At 19, when I wanted dreadlocks, a dear friend commented, 'I heard spiders like to live in there'... I dropped that idea like a hot potato. That must say something about my commitment? :D But I do have a strong dislike / fear for spiders.

All images have been sourced from Pinterest.