Let's Walk to the Post Office

Taking this pavement, we walk past various houses to the end of the road. I really appreciate having a pavement; much of this area won't have walkways.

12 to 15 minutes later, we're at the post office.

It's a one-woman show, this little post office. Two, on a busy weekend. It doesn't close for lunch.

Heading back, this is a little church along the street. Doesn't chime on the hour, or quarter-hour, like they do in Switzerland.

There will always be that barking dog a few houses down. He sees us, but we don't see him. (I never looked, anyway.) He'll stop barking once we're a house away. Anyway, this is home!

The images above were taken in early April. Don't let the sunshine fool you. Later in May:

The gas & electric company has been really busy on this street. There's always something going on with the power line or telephone pole, until now... Roadblocks aplenty!