8-Piece Leather Bag - Selfish Sewing

If I'm honest, I sought out a heavy duty sewing machine just to work on these leather pieces. Insane? When I saw these handsome leather swatches, my thrift-shopping / "Brocki" mates nudged me to go on and buy them; I could make phone cases with them, one said. No, I want a leather bag...

This would have been my first time sewing leather, and believe me, sewing thick leather is not for the ignorant (me). There were a few learning curves; after each sewing stage, I'd take a break. Maybe it was also because I had no idea of the type of bag I wanted, so this bag turned out to be a long work-in-progress that began on May 7th 2013.

June 3rd was the final day -- the day I decided it was going to be a bag à la Juanita Tortilla style.

Overall, I am feeling "mission accomplished", but doubtful if I will tackle leather again. But well done, my little sewing machine! And we didn't use special needles for this task, breaking only 1.