Ugly Ceramic Plate

Did a child make this? This ceramic plate was my largest, as well as last, make at the ceramic workshop in Zurich circa 2009: a gift to friend Jason and his wife Nao. This plate was to be made out in time as a wedding gift. I imprinted their names "Jason & Naoko, Naoko & Jason", alphabet by alphabet. Good job, I said to my spatial visualisation.

Not pleased, though, was the outcome of the glaze. The underside of the dish came out nicely, but as for the topside, which I felt was more important, did not. If the spotty light green glaze had been less dilute, the red clay would not been exposed. The center glaze was a "kaleidoscopic" mix and I had envisioned a greater variety of colours to reveal in the kiln.

That's the unpredictable nature of ceramics and glaze, I guess. This plate did eventually make its way, very ironically, to Japan -- the land of master potters and superb pottery.