Vegetable Query: Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens
Dandelion pesto
Dandelion with carrots and spaghetti
Filing this under 'Weird'. It has been a long while since I tried something new in the veggie world, so when dandelion greens starting showing up in the supermarket this Spring, I knew I had to get a bundle.
I enjoy dandelion tea, which I assume are made out of blossoms. Perhaps I'd enjoy the greens as well. Seeking cooking ideas, I landed my search on dandelion pesto by David Lebowitz.
With half the bundle, I had a yield of about 2 cups of pesto. Used the first cup for pasta, the other half cooked with basmati rice. As I was through with looking at pesto, for the remaining half-bundle, I chopped them up to saute with carrots to have it with spaghetti. Nothing too creative there.
The Dandelion greens are bitter. For someone who likes arugula and bitter gourd, it took a few bites to get used to its bitterness. My favourite method -- should I pick up a bundle of dandelion greens again -- would be cooking it as a sauce with rice. Cooking it does mellow the bitterness.