US Diary 15: Landlady

Week 15 may seem a little uneventful...
+ The Hubs was away for the entire week, giving me solid days of uninterrupted computer time for the blog overhaul. (No need to break for lunch or dinner!)
+ The Landlady coincidentally stayed over through the week. When she visits, she stays in the upstairs apartment, which she is currently trying to spruce up to rent out. When not over in New Jersey, she resides and works in New York. Delilah and Redford (her cat and dog, respectively), get to commute with her each time, and I find it amusing to hear Redford stomping along my ceiling. Delilah is extremely shy though, but I saw her one day while taking out the garbage :D She should recognise me; I popped in to "cat sit" many times.
It was Friday night where I had a movie date with The Landlady. 9pm and undecided over which movie to watch, I drove us to our nearby cinema. ("I want to ride in a Jeep," she said.) Thankfully, it is a route I know.
We had the choice of The Great Gatsby, Kon-tiki, and Mud. I was fine with any; The Landlady had seen the Great Gatsby with Robert Redford in it. ("I watch anything with Robert Redford.")
Mud, it was. We bought our tickets and as we headed for the theatre, in front of us stood a large poster for Kon-tiki. We turned back to the young ticket counter girls -- who were half asleep -- and asked if we could switch movies. "Yeah, Hall 4," one said without expression.
There was just the two of us for Kon-tiki. In front of the screen were large rolls of new carpeting that were black with vibrant splashes. The Landlady didn't approve of the colour scheme.
Kon-tiki was an entertaining movie. One unusual experience for me, though: The Landlady would share her comments along the way -- "Isn't he handsome?"; "I'm a sailor and they should have kept the sail before the storm"; "Those wires are going to cut through the wood!" -- to which I replied with a grunt.
P.S. Here's Redford!
Bashing his snout and head through the mesh, as always...