This Blog Lost Some Weight - Spring Clean 2013

Recently, there was a mass disappearance of photo images on my old blog posts; old images have ceased to exist. There were two choices to make: delete such posts or re-install images. Deleting was effortless; re-installing images meant being sentimental and having to excavate old digital folders, and reliving memories.

I started working from the back, way back to my 840-something-th post dated in 2007, accompanied by the movie, Broken Flowers. This was my second time watching it. As Don Johnston re-visits his old flames, I was re-visiting the old me responsible for all this jibber-jabber. There was much editing to be done.

One movie did not suffice -- this blog overhaul took 5 full days. A couple of old blog posts might have resurfaced. Sorry about that; it was by accident, since my hand and eyes lacked coordination after staring at the screen for hours. All is well now; we are now shipshape with 615 blog posts. (And counting.)

Going through old photo albums made me realise how the years have whizzed by, and there were things that would have been fun to share. It also allowed me to sort my blogging content.

This blog is my online scrapbook -- a scrapbook of my daily life as a Domestic Engineer, Trailing Spouse, Cat Mom (very important), as well as Maker and Etsy Seller. I am happy - and very surprised - that you take the time to be here. Thank you.