13 Things for 2013 - April / May Update

* Photography course.
Been stalking the Arts Council for digital photography courses. I sadly cannot commit to 8-10 weekly sessions. Found a good and well-written book in the library. Might purchase an updated version to learn...
* Sewing course.
Signed up for a May sewing bootcamp. That fell through the cracks due to low numbers. (*disappointed*) Being deferred to the June session. Fingers crossed!
* Exercise.
Weather permitting, I take The Hubs out for a walk with me in the park nearby. I try to attend a yoga session once a week. Nothing strenuous.
* Bake a bread a month.
* Conquer the NYC Subway.
Embarked the Subway twice, so far. All accompanied trips, sprinkled with a bit of confusion :)
* Re-learn to drive.
Let's just say I can survive and entertain myself when The Hubs is away. Won't see me straying from the paths I know or co-piloting any long-distance trips out of town, though :(
* Revamp my Etsy store.
Finished my beads (yay!), and photographed my jewelry with a new prop. Have you seen them? https://www.etsy.com/shop/juanitatortilla
* Meet other Etsy crafters.
Found a good one and made a friend in this little town.

* Go to the cinema.

Yes! Twice now, for action films. And I quite like buying tickets through the phone app.
* Go for a musical / play.
Not yet. Nothing has screamed at me.
* Finish my fabric stash.
Bought a ton of dressmaking patterns, on sale. I hope to make a variety of dresses with my stash.
* Downsize wardrobe to 100 pieces of clothing.
Been quite resilient to the malls. Will only buy something that will see me through a long time, and with news of garment factory disasters and tragic working conditions, I think twice.
* Live with less.
Funny how just knowing that our US stay is temporary, I stop myself from gathering. But I've got to watch my weakness for dressmaking patterns, fabric, and secondhand books. And tea.