2013's Jewelry Remix!

Last week (Week 13) saw some intense beading. I poured everything I had onto plastic plates, gave it a good mix, and started afresh. This time, I had a clear idea of the style I wanted, and I am / was to create things in a manner or technique that was going to make me happy.


When I used up every little bead I had, there was the Rocky's victory dance. (Yes, fists in the air and jogging on the spot.) Fluffy simply ignored me. Of course, he's just a house cat.

I didn't think I could finish the beads. Each and every creation made me smile. Honest to goodness. But, man, did my eyes strain...

I'm done, guys. No more loose beads left un-touched to taunt me.

Here are the 15 very special jewelry sets. I hope you like them, and that they will make you or someone else happy, too.

15 special sets for 2013 = Mission Accomplished

10. Pina Colada, 11. Peppermint, 12. Jade,
13. Frog Prince, 14. Earthy, 15. Cobalt

Now, time to move on to more Juanita Tortilla bags...